Joining the Team

The Yasm development team is currently very small, but we’re open to more developers joining us! Now that the object format interface is reaching stability (except for debug format support), we’re looking for developers interested in working on additional object format support as well as other portions of Yasm. Peter Johnson is the contact person for object formats and for development in general. Drop him a note if you’re interested!

You can also work independently. Just download a nightly snapshot or get Git and use it to download (recommended), and start hacking!

Feedback / Bugs

Feel free to report bugs either on our mailing lists or (preferably) by using the bug tracker. Other feedback and general discussion can be made to the yasm-devel mailing list.

Code Contributions

These are always appreciated! If you have a great idea to add to yasm (which is wonderful) and have already written the code to do it (even better!) just let us know via the yasm-devel mailing list. If you just have a great idea, but no code, submit it as a ticket.. but it might take us a little bit to implement it!

Project Ideas

If you want to work on something but don’t know what, here are some suggestions. These projects range from little to huge (hopefully the task descriptions will give you an idea of what’s involved).